Rules for reusing my creations online

Please do not repost my art or fanfic without my written permission, in particular not on Facebook, Instagram, V-Kontakte, Weibo, Wattpad, Pinterest, Youtube, TikTok etc.

It’s also strictly forbidden to create NFTs from my art, or use my artworks or writings to train AI.

If you like my creations, please only reblog or retweet my original posts on Tumblr, Twitter or WordPress, or link to them.

Sneak peek inside the upcoming Slipstream Book

I’ve started layouting and typesetting the book version of my Tour de France AU Slipstream. The book will have over 500 pages (roughly the same as my Enigma book).

Please let me know if you’re interested in a copy so that I can better calculate the print run. The price will (sadly) be between 30 and 40 US$ because printing costs have risen so much. I won’t be making any profit from these books. The larger the print run, the cheaper the individual books will be.

Nightjet sequel update

Both illustrations for my post-Reichenbach sleeper train fic Nightjet, which is now complete on AO3. Since the story got such a warm, enthusiastic reception and there have been calls for a sequel, I shall oblige. There will, in fact, be two sequels (both set on trains): Orient Express and Eurostar, following John and Sherlock as they take down what remains of Moriarty’s empire and finally return to London.

Sherlockchallenge: Headphones

More #221bpatterns

They’re for this month’s @sherlockchallenge : Headphones, and also still for January’s challenge (Pattern). All seven (so far) sets of four can be found here: https://khorazirart.wordpress.com/tag/221bpatterns/

News on my upcoming Slipstream book

With about five more chapters to edit, the book version of my Tour de France AU Slipstream is (slowly) nearing completion. Above is a layout sketch for the binding. I hope to get the book ready for print before the end of March.

However, I got a bit of a shock when I checked what printing is going to cost. The book is going to be comparable to the book version of my fic Enigma, which means hardcover, 17 x 24 cm, over 500 pages printed full colour with at least one illustration per chapter (the Slipstream book will have a map and graphics of altitude profiles for the various stages, too). Prices have risen so much that I’ll have to pay about a third more to get the story printed compared to Enigma, meaning that copies of the book sold at cost would be between 35 and 40 US$ (plus postage, which isn’t cheap for international shipping, either).

Now I wonder whether people would actually be willing (and able) to pay that much. I’m thinking of having between 30 and 50 copies printed. The higher the number, the cheaper the single book will get, but I doubt there’d be demand for more than 50 in total. 

So … if you’re interested in your very own copy of Slipstream and not put off by the price, please let me know so that I can get a better idea of how many copies should be printed. As always, I will give away a few copies, too. And the fic will of course remain avaible on AO3.

Fandom Trumps Hate 2023

As in previous years, I’m offering two auctions for @fandomtrumpshate, one is for BBC Sherlock fanart, and one for art inspired by the works JRR Tolkien, or by BBC Sherlock. The option for the second highest bidders in each of my two auctions to receive a piece exists as well.

Here’s the link for browsing and bidding (bidden is open from 1st to 5th March: https://fth2023offerings.dreamwidth.org/216905.html