Slipstream chapter 10


Illustration for chapter 10 of my Tour de France AU Slipstream. Originally, I wanted to draw a different scene for this chapter, but then John grabbed Sherlock’s cold hands and rubbed them. He wasn’t supposed to do that.

The new chapter is written and currently with my beta. It should be up in a couple of days.

Witch abroad


First bicycle ride in weeks that wasn’t a visit of or errand for elderly and/or sick family members. I often feel like one of Terry Pratchett’s witches “going round the houses” when I look after them, only that I use my bike instead of a broomstick. And today I wore high-vis neon yellow instead of black or midnight 😉


Holmescon !

I haven’t seen much about this on Tumblr yet so…. here it is!

The fan-run Sherlock Holmes con is officially happening! September next year, two days in…. London! With cosplay, panels and talks by “fan favorites” such as @jbaillier and @thejohnlockoutlet.

Tickets are on sale now:

Hope to be there as well. This particular weekend is bad for me because of work and family obligations, but I’ll try to make it.


Fanart found a new home

Last year, Khorazir did a lovely thing. She allowed people to buy her original Christmas sketches in exchange for donations to Doctors without Borders. Because I am both greedy and a huge fan of this artist, I offered to donate in exchange for whatever pictures weren’t already spoken for. Although I have savored these drawings throughout the year, I wasn’t quite sure how to display them. I finally figured it out! 🙂 (I ran out of red-and-white string to hang them on, so they’re not all up yet.I’m planning to add twinkle lights to the shelves as well to give them proper illumination.) If you look closely, you’ll also see brilliant creations from Lunadax (sorry I cut off Sherlock’s head) and Sincerelywrong. 🙂

Wow, this looks great. Because tumblr doesn’t always show me when I’ve been tagged I’m seeing this only now. I’m glad my drawings found a good new home with you. And thanks again for the generous donation. All my drawings of this series can be found at the #sfcficathon tag.

Horselock fic rec

Anonymous asked: Hi steph! hope you’re well 🙂 I was wondering if you or your followers could help me find a fic- john is a vet (like animal vet not military veteran lol) and sherlock is a horse? if i remember correctly there was art for each chapter too (which i think the author drew themselves? im not sure). i loved that fic so much and ive been trying to find it for AGES! thank you so much in advance, love you! xxxxxxxxxx



I KNOW THIS ONE OMG I KNOW THIS ONE. I knew it as soon as you mentioned John was a vet, so I skimmed to make sure it was the one with Sherlock as a horse, and WOOO yes it is!! It’s this fantastic fic by the ever-talented @khorazir! 🙂

The Horse and his Doctor by khorazir (T, 129,003 w., 13 Ch. || Horse / Vet AU || Magical Realism, Horses, Vet John, Horse Sherlock, Implied Alcoholism) – Invalided after a run in with a poacher in Siberia, veterinary surgeon John Watson finds it difficult to acclimatise to the mundanity of London life. Things change when a friend invites him along to a local animal shelter and he meets their latest acquisition, a trouble-making Frisian with the strangest eyes and even stranger quirks John has ever encountered in a horse.

It’s one of my all-time faves and it’s TOTALLY worth a read!!!

Enjoy!! ❤

Awww, thanks a lot for the rec 🙂

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