Good Bye, Speedy’s?

This really is a blow. @speedyscafe has been a staple during my visits to London for the past ten years. These watercolours from my upcoming Sherlock & London graphic novel were drawn and partly painted there. I’ll miss this place very much. Thank you for the wonderful times.

Sketching during Chelsea History Festival

Since I almost always draw during talks (helps me concentrate), I did a bit of sketching during the inspiring one by @herdyshepherd1 at #ChelseaHistoryFest Not sure if I managed to capture the likeness, though. A rare ray of Lake District sunlight made it a bit difficult 😉

Hobbit Day

The Fox, 2004
Three is Company, 2011
The Bonfire Glade, 2016
Bag End Gardens, 2020

Happy Birthday, Frodo and Bilbo Baggins. And happy #HobbitDay to everyone. Here are some hobbity watercolours of mine from the past 16 years:
“The Fox” (2004), “Three is Company” (2011), “The Bonfire Glade” (2016) and “Bag End Gardens” (2020)

Fics mentioned at the HolmesCon2020 AU panel


Slipstream by khorazir (Tour de France/competitive cycling)

To Break A Butterfly Upon A Wheel by J. Baillier (Baby Driver/Bound/Drive AU)

Over Hill And Under Hill by khorazir

Sanguinous Serendipity by CarmillaCarmine (vampire AU)

Enigma by khorazir (WW2 codebreaker AU)

The Over/Under series by khorazir (Cabin Pressure crossover)

The Horse And His Doctor by khorazir

Dissonance by CarmillaCarmine (musician AU)

A Gossamer Dream by CarmillaCarmine

Thermocline by J. Baillier (marine archaeology AU)

Summit Fever by J. Baillier (mountain climbing AU)

Keep Your Eyes Fixed On Me by elldotsee

This Is Your Song by agirlsname (Moulin Rouge AU)

A Hundred Crimson Sols by elldotsee (spacebois go to space)

You Go To My Head series by J. Baillier (medical AU)

Drift Compatible by J. Baillier (Pacific Rim fusion)

the works of Engazed

and as a bonus, you can find my fave Sherlock ghost stories here 

khorazir: Thanks a lot for assembling this list. There was also Out There by @discordantwords

Illustration for Slipstream chapter 19

The boys are enjoying their second Tour de France rest day in chapter 19 of my Cycling AU Slipstream.

The chapter is about a third written. Progress has been slow lately due to work, but I hope to finish it before the end of the month. This artwork is also for September’s @sherlockchallenge​: Lemon

Cycling day

Today is cycling, Tour de France and Slipstream day: Cycled to Greifenstein castle (nasty climb, great views) and started reading James Rebanks’ (@herdyshepherd1 on Twitter) English Pastoral, to then do some household chores and stuff for school before sitting down to watch the Tour, finish the lineart of the next illustration for my Tour de France Johnlock AU Slipstream and then write a bit more of said fanfic. Good day, so far.