A letter to the Sherlock Fandom

“  Episode 106: The Stage Is Set  In which we interview Arwel Wyn Jones and Davey Nellist, spread fandom love, and return to our BBC Sherlock roots—with a theatrical twist!
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Episode 106: The Stage Is Set

In which we interview Arwel Wyn Jones and Davey Nellist, spread fandom love, and return to our BBC Sherlock roots—with a theatrical twist!
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I’m reading a letter to the Sherlock Fandom in this episode. Here’s the transcript:

Dear Sherlock Fandom,

while reading out this letter, I’m sketching my artwork #1147 inspired by BBC’s Sherlock.

To say that my association with this show has been productive during the almost ten years since I first watched it would be a massive understatement. And it’s all your fault. Yes, yours, Sherlock Fandom. Well, at bit it’s the series’ fault as well. I vividly recall that weekend in late October 2010 when I popped in the DVD of Season One. I’d heard only little about it and was somewhat doubtful whether the modern setting would work for a Sherlock Holmes series. It did. The show struck me like lightning. I watched the three episodes over two days and ended up cursing at my computer because of the unbearable cliffhanger at the pool.

In my despair to find any kind of closure, and not knowing what to do with all the emotions the show had stirred up, as one does, I took to the internet. I’d dabbled in fanfiction before, mostly inspired by the books of JRR Tolkien (without knowing that ‘fanfiction’ was the official term for my writings). But had mostly written and not read. Now, fanfic became my go-to place. Fanfiction.net lead to tumblr, and once I was there and voraciously consuming fan-made content (fic, art, vids, meta …), I was already so deep down the rabbithole that the next logical step was to stop lurking on the blue hellsite and begin to actively contribute to the madness. I created my own tumblr account in July 2011 and started posting fanart. Being a passionate illustrator, I soon took to creating art inspired by fanfics I’d read. Eventually, I began to dabble in writing my own stories (and illustrating them). Over a million words and more than a thousand artworks later, there is no sign of inspiration drying up. Thankfully.

At the same time online involvement with the series and its fandom turned into real-life encounters. Journeys to London became a regular thing, as became fan meetings, conventions, visits to filming sites and actual Setlock shoots. I made myself a Sherlock coat. There were cosplay shoots in front of Speedy’s and other filming locations. Inspired by the many, many brilliant writers, artists, academicals, crafters in the fandom, my creative involvement became more sophisticated: the stories longer and more complex, the art more divers. To this day I love participating in art challenges such as Let’s Draw Sherlock or the Sherlockchallenge. I love contributing to charity events like Fandom Trumps Hate.

Ten years in fandom are a long time. I was around for all the big cliffhangers, the anticipation of new seasons, the delight and the disappointment they brought. I did manage to steer clear of getting involved in the uglier sides of fandom, the shit storms, bullying and doxxing that occured. Not being a big name among fans, I stayed in my little corner, creating stuff I enjoyed and which brought joy to a small, beloved circle of others. Because that’s what some in the fandom have become: dear, real-life friends.

Also, being involved in the Sherlock fandom has been a thorough and much needed form of education. It absolutely broadened my horizon in many fields, be it matters of gender, sexuality, race and a number of social issues. The things I learned and am still learning make me look at the books, tv-shows and films I consume more critically. They make me question the status quo. I’m deeply grateful for this education. I’m also deeply grateful for all the crazy fun I’ve had during ten years of Sherlock, for all the feels you gave me, and for how you made and make me think. So here’s to the Sherlock Fandom, and that it may endure and grow whether we get a fifth season or not. Remain your creative, subversive, critical, cracky, inclusive, lovely lovely self. Ten years ago I came for the series, but I stayed for you.

Your indebted contributor,


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Two ABCs


The complete Illuminated Lord of the Rings Alphabet, created for the brilliant #IlluminatedAlphabet challenge @illustrationHQ​, drawn in iron-gall ink and Egremont Red watercolour. Prints can be ordered here.

I also drew a BBC Sherlock inspired alphabet a while ago, which is available as a print, too.

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