Free shipping for Letters Live Drawings book and art giveaway

To celebrate Benedict’s birthday on Tuesday, there’s free shipping for the Letters Live Drawings books from today until Wednesday 20th July. Also, everybody who orders one of these books enters a giveaway draw for one of two original drawings (one pencil, one ink) I did of Benedict in 2020. Good luck and avid participation – after all, all the proceeds from the books go to the charity Help Refugees (@ChooseLove)

Order you book here:


During one of my recent visits to Speedy’s Café, Chris the owner mentioned that they wanted to revamp their menu. So I offered to do it, and this is the result: new art and a somewhat modernised, cleaned up layout that nevertheless keeps key elements such as the red awning as a logo.

During the design process, we thought about adding some vignettes that tied in more closely with Sherlock, but decided against it as not to clutter the menu, and also to avoid potential copyright issues.

The Rise and Fall of Barad-dûr

“The Rise and Fall of Barad-dûr”

For the 2023 Beyond Bree Tolkien Calendar, I extended my watercolour of Sauron building the Dark Tower to show what it may look like in the Fourth Age. I’m currently working on a second painting for this calendar, which will show the planting of the mallorn in the Shire.


Watching the 2022 Tour de France while editing my Johnlock Tour de France AU Slipstream for print. Today’s stage leads over pavé passages through the Forest of Arenberg (of Paris-Roubaix fame), which John and Sherlock have to tackle in my fic, too (chapter 5):